Barnardo's responds to the ONS report on deprivation inequalities in the experiences of secondary school students during Covid

Published on
02 June 2023

Lynn Perry MBE, Barnardo’s Chief Executive, said: 

“Today’s findings from the Office for National Statistics illustrate how the experience of living through the pandemic has widened the gap between the most disadvantaged children and their peers. Children struggling to access learning at home, or who felt they were falling behind their peers and couldn’t catch up, were also more likely to have stress and anxiety at this time.  

“More than three years since the start of Covid, Barnardo’s is supporting children and families who tell us that their mental health suffered as a result of the pandemic. We know that when children struggle emotionally it makes it harder to thrive at school, to gain good qualifications, and ultimately to access opportunities in adulthood.  

“We must do more to make sure all children can access the support they need to feel confident in the classroom. That’s why we’re calling on the Government to roll out Mental Health Support Teams to all schools and colleges in England, so children struggling can be identified early and access help before they reach crisis point.”