Case Studies

Read the stories and experiences of the children, young people and families that work with us.

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  • Andi and Laura's story

    Read how Andi and her daughter are thriving after being a good start in life through parent and child foster care.

  • Sylvia and David’s story

    A couple from Aberdeen who recently retired from fostering are appealing to others to consider the worthwhile difference they can make to children’s lives. 

  • Soynnia's story

    Soynnia, 60, lives in the West Midlands. Soynnia currently fosters a 14-year-old boy called James* and is birth-mum to two children now aged 34 and 31 and grandmother to four grandchildren. 

  • Ali and Liz's story

    Alison and her partner Liz have been together for over 20 years and have been short break foster carers for Barnardo’s NI for just over a year.  Liz has previously worked in the education and arts sectors and Alison is a chef. They have just embarked on their first full time foster care placement.  

  • Christine's story

    Christine, a civil servant who lives in Croydon, started her fostering journey with Barnardo’s shortly after the UK went into lockdown in March 2020. Throughout Christine’s working life she has always enjoyed helping young people and her experience of caring for teenagers has been a positive and fulfilling one.   

  • Michelle and Neil's story

    Michelle and Neil live in West Malling. They have spent the last 22 years fostering children through Barnardo’s. 

  • Emma and Derek's story

    Emma, 42, and her husband Derek, 51, have been short break foster carers for Barnardo’s for the past four years. The couple have two daughters, who are both in their 20s, and live in Tyne and Wear, and have written about their experiences for us.

  • Julie's story

    Julie is a foster carer for siblings, and writes about her experiences. 

  • Andy and Caroline's story

    Foster carer Andy writes about his experiences looking after foster children, which he does with his wife Caroline in Kent.