Scotland influencing – child sexual abuse and exploitation

Barnardo's started working with children affected by child sexual exploitation (CSE) and abuse (CSA) in Scotland in 1992.

Through this work, we have developed a good understanding of the diversity of both the children affected by and their experiences of CSE.  

Our long-term vision is that no child should be affected by child sexual exploitation. We are working towards this through our direct work and our policy and influencing.

Involvement in national work

We are involved in progressing the work of the Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan and sit on the National Child Sexual Exploitation Group.  We also work on issues relating to the Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy for Scotland and the National Missing Person’s Framework.

Public understanding of child sexual exploitation

In 2019, we published research into Public Understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation in Scotland, which found that many people still do not feel confident in recognising CSE. It also found that most people believe that CSE is not an issue in their local area.