Volunteer with children

Transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people. 

When you volunteer with one of our children's services, you will be helping the UK’s most disadvantaged children and young people in the most direct way possible. 

Share the ups and downs 

You'll share the laughter and anxieties of the children and young people you are working with. You'll feel their pain and their joy. And you'll see the evidence of your work as they reach out and take a firmer grip on the world. 

Types of voluntary work with children

Here are some examples of the projects you can get involved in:

  • befriending and mentoring a young person in care
  • helping out at a local play scheme
  • offering young asylum seekers the chance to learn and practise English
  • helping to run a youth group for disabled teenagers

There are many other ways to get involved. 

Children's services volunteer holding quote
I enjoy playing with the children. Also, it gives me a sense of relief being able to give back to the community. Here at The Triangle we are a community, we believe in everyone!


Children’s services volunteer

Improve your life skills and your CV

It's incredibly rewarding knowing that your work can make such a big difference to a child’s life.

But that's not all: voluntary work can help you develop important skills and improve your CV while you help others.

We're with you all the way

We provide training for most of our volunteering roles, and promote a helpful attitude among service staff, which makes volunteering a satisfying experience all round.