Advocacy and children's rights

Giving children and young people a voice

Young people deserve to have someone on their side - someone to stand up for them. 

Young person with Barnardo's worker with paperwork

That’s why we run specialist advocacy services across the UK. We're there for young people who need someone to support them, protect their rights and help them speak out.

Our advocates are independent. They don’t work for local councils, social services or the NHS. They don’t give their personal opinions. They're simply there to explain the wishes of the young person, and to argue their case.

The kind of things advocates do include:

  • going to meetings with a young person where decisions are made – for example, meetings about foster placements
  • writing letters on their behalf
  • helping to get all the information the young person might need and help them understand what their rights are

Listening to young people is at the heart of what we do.

We help give children and young people a voice because we believe that with the right help, any young person can change their life and achieve their full potential.