Group of Barnardo's employees reaching their hands into the centre of their group

Diversity Pay Gap Report

We have published our first diversity pay gap report, bringing together information on our gender, ethnicity and disability pay gap for 2022, along with analysis of the data and a list of our key actions.

This is a critical step in ensuring everyone feels included, respected and represented at Barnardo’s.

Gender Pay Gap

Our latest report is based on data from April 2022, which shows that with 84% of our colleagues being female, Barnardo’s overall median gender pay gap was 5.69% in favour of men; and our mean gender pay gap was 12.29% in favour of men.   

This is well below the national average of 14.9% and has reduced by 2% from our 2021 figures. Looking further back to the April 2020 when our total was 9.65%, we are moving in a positive direction. 

Ethnicity & Disability Pay Gaps

Alongside our Gender Pay Gap report, we are publishing our Ethnicity Pay Gap report and a Disability Pay Gap report as well. Although ethnicity and disability pay gap reporting are not required by law, we believe they play an important role in fulfilling our commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion.  

In next year’s report, we aim to publish our LGBT+ pay gap, alongside the other three.

In 2022, we published a new People and Culture Strategy, which outlines the offer we make to our colleagues and volunteers, and sets us on a journey to becoming an ‘employer of choice’ in the sector. One of the key pillars is our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan which sets out the concrete, tangible changes we will make for and with our colleagues, our culture, and our communities.