Everybody should have a safe place to live

It's a basic human right, yet thousands of children and young people are homeless in Britain today.

We work with young people and families to help them to find and keep a home.

Young woman standing in front of lift door

We work with young people who are homeless and those living in places that aren't safe or don't have a proper tenancy. We help them get somewhere to live that's right for them, and we support them in their tenancies.

We provide supported lodgings for some young people, for example if they are leaving care. With our expert advice and emotional support, they can eventually find safe housing of their own.

Our outreach teams on the streets actively look for homeless young people. We provide a friendly ear as well as referring them to the right people and organisations who can help them.

Emergencies and Out of Hours Support

If you think a child is in immediate danger, dial 999 or contact your local authority social care department, or the NSPCC.

If you are a child and you need help, call Childline’s 24-hour support service on 0800 11 11.

If you are homeless, sofa surfing or at risk due to not having a safe place to stay, call Centrepoint on 0808 800 0661

If you'd like to speak to our Supporter Relationships team during business hours, please call on 0800 008 7005 or email at [email protected].org.uk. We’re open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 

If you are concerned about a Barnardo's employee, volunteer or carer, call the relevant national or regional office and speak to a Barnardo's senior manager or children's services representative.

For more information about getting help for you or somebody else, please see our Get Help page.