Boy and staff member using finger paints

How your support makes a difference

Incredible things happen when you believe in children. With the support of your fundraising, we are able to continue providing vital support to the most vulnerable children and young people.

We know the most vulnerable children with whom we work don’t need short-term fixes. To really transform their chances, they need sustained interventions, over a long period of time.

That is why, every day, up and down the country, our front-line professionals are working tirelessly. In order to have the greatest impact for all children, we are investing in mental health and wellbeing, child sexual abuse and children in and leaving care. We have three key aims to achieve this: 

Stronger Families

We support children and young people to overcome challenges they may face and ensure the family stays loving and strong. We are there for those who need help with their education or struggle with mental health and wellbeing, including children with disabilities and young carers in crisis.

Positive Futures

We want young people to have the best possible chances in life. We support young people leaving care, help those looking for work or training gain skills and confidence, and reach out to young people in the justice system.

Safer Childhoods

We have a range of services to help children and young people who have been abused to cope and recover. We support children and young people in care to build resilience, feel nurtured, and lead fulfilling lives.

Whilst we may be a big national charity, we have a strong local footprint. Our vital services, which are embedded in local communities across the UK, can only run thanks to the support of wonderful people like you, so we cannot thank you enough for choosing to join #TeamBarnardo’s.

How your donation is spent

Of every pound we spend (excluding retail costs), 92p goes on our work. 3p on governance and pension costs and 5p on raising the next £1. For full details of how we spend your donations, visit our page on how we're funded.

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