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Children and young people’s voices must be included in decisions about them

Children’s voices often go unheard in politics. Yet the decisions made in Westminster affect their daily lives and their futures. 

They can’t vote but they deserve a say, because it’s their future too. 

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What young people tell us

We recently brought together over 40 young people aged 13 to 25 to discuss the issues that matter most to them, including: 

  • using their power and getting their voice heard 
  • improving mental health services, including for young people over age 18
  • making the education system work for them, with school exclusion only ever a last resort
  • taking control of new technologies
  • building strong communities with safe spaces
  • tackling climate change, urgently

What young people want the future Government to do

We’ve been listening to young people to understand what matters most to them and what kind of futures they want. Their views have contributed to a ‘manifesto’ called #ItsOurFuture – which you can read below.