Young boy leaving care

Young people leaving care

Leaving home is a challenge for everyone, but young people leaving care often do so without the support of a loving family.

Nowadays, many young people rely on their family long after they're 18. But young people who have spent time in care don’t always have that safety net.  

They might not have a family home to return to if something goes wrong, or a parent to phone when they aren’t sure how to fix a problem. 

They can feel almost entirely alone. 

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What is a care leaver?  

A care leaver is a young person aged 16-25 who has spent time in care. This might be foster care or residential care.  

Many young people tell us that they don’t like the term ‘care-leaver’. So, we prefer to use the term ‘care-experienced person’ where we can. 

No child should enter adulthood alone 

We want to help young people bridge the gap between living in care and independent living. 

That’s why, we help young care-experienced people to:  

  • find somewhere to live, such as supported lodgings 

  • manage their money 

  • continue with their education 

  • find work or training 

  • look after their mental and emotional wellbeing 

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    Are you a care leaver? Get support near you

    Whether you need help finding a job, accommodation, or simply need someone to talk to, there's support available to you. 

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    Donate and help a child today 

    Your gift could help us improve the lives of vulnerable children, who've had the toughest starts in life.

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    Raise money for us

    Whether you want to take part in a sponsored walk or organise a bake sale, you can help us improve young people's lives. A little bit of help goes a long way!