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Our Strategy

At Barnardo’s our goal is clear – to achieve better outcomes for more children.

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With the world changing faster than ever before, we have continued to develop our Strategy, ensuring it is fit for purpose and equal to the demands of the day. Our Strategy lives today with a consistent goal of achieving better outcomes for more children by working to build:

  • Stronger families
  • Safer childhoods 
  • Positive futures

This means helping families – where possible before problems reach crisis point. It means keeping children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation while supporting victims and survivors to recover and rebuild. It also means addressing children’s mental health and well-being, especially when so many have experienced trauma.

The Strategy should guide all the work we do at Barnardo’s, with our values, objectives and enablers, acting as a ‘green thread’ that runs through all our plans, across every team and department. Find out more below.

Our Objectives

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We will achieve our strategic goals by:

1. Focusing our resources on our core mission

2. Generating as much income as we can to invest in our vital services that support vulnerable children

3. Working with partners to improve the system surrounding vulnerable children and young people

4. Investing in our people to become an 'employer of choice' in the sector

Our Enablers

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In achieving our strategic objectives, we will be:

  • Digital and data driven
  • Equal, diverse and inclusive
  • Committed to learning

Looking ahead

As 2022 gets underway, we know there are extraordinary challenges ranging from the long-term impact of the pandemic on young people’s mental health, through to the rising cost of living and what it will mean for parents struggling to make ends meet.

We also know the reality of children’s lives is constantly shifting – and so are the difficulties they face. Whether it’s threats online, criminal exploitation by gangs, or the needs of children arriving in the UK as refugees, we will be ready to respond and stand ready to help those most in need of our services.