A mother wearing a hijab is holding and looking at her young daughter

Support for parents and carers

So every child grows up feeling loved and supported

Get help if you're a parent or carer

We can help you make sure your child gets the best start in life

As well as offering services which your child may be able to access in your local area, we also provide guidance and support online for parents, carers and families.

More guidance and resources to support you

  • Family Space

    See our dedicated hub for more resources and information on raising children and protecting your family.

  • Blogs

    Read our blogs for helpful guidance, tips and facts about supporting young people and children.

  • Supporting young people

    If you're a young person yourself and want to explore other services we have to support you, such as help with work and training or support for LGBTQ+ young people, look at our supporting young people pages.