Oakley House

Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson was born in 1961 to a Jamaican mother in a Salvation Army ‘mother and baby home’.

He would then go on to spend the next 16 years of his life in Barnardo’s care.

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Over 6 episodes, a special series called Resilience - A Life In Care, Tony will retrace his steps by visiting the places and institutions he was born and raised in. 

He will also share his many triumphs – including meeting Royalty, Nelson Mandela and some of the world’s leading figures in business and beyond.

Tony shares his journey in the hope that it provides inspiration to other children in similar situations, to make them realise they are capable of making it, and that their survival tools are actual ‘super powers’, something to cherish and embrace rather than shy away from.

His unique story gives an insight into the everyday life of a child looking for security and a way out, ultimately realising that it is the security from within that provides freedom from fear.