Super Mario Party Mini Games!| Tekkerz Kid vs Romello vs Dad

Tonight is family gaming night! Tekkerz kid vs Romello vs The Dad in Super Mario Party Mini games on Nintendo Switch! Never miss a video...Turn on yo...

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  • 7 days ago
Tekkerz Kid vs Bro! | ULTIMATE 5-A-SIDE FOOTBALL!

SUBSCWIEB! - ►►► So today, Tekkerz Kid and Romello battle out to create their dream 5-aside football team, who will win? Downloa...

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  • 7 days ago
PENALTY ELIMINATION Tekkerz Kid vs Dad vs Bro

Tekkerz kid vs Bro vs The Dad, who will be crowned the champion of the Penalty elimination challenge? Never miss a video...Turn on your notifications...

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  • 10 days ago
How To Get Lucky on Fifa 18? | Fifa 18 Pack Opening! | Tekkerz Kid

Road to 1 Million Subscribers! Join The TKRZ Team! HERE►►► So Fifa 18 is finally here! Today is the first episode of the weekly...

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'Who is the fastest player at Manchester United?' Tekkerz Kid meets Marcus Rashford - BBC Sport

YouTuber Tekkerz Kid heads to Old Trafford to meet Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, to talk football, social media and find out who's the faste...

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  • 12 days ago