Balakot Secret Air Force Report out, Were targets empty? | The Newshour Debate (5th Mar)

Original Release Date: 5th March 2019 India carried out air strikes on Pakistani soil on houses where the Jaish-e-Mohammed held training camps in Bal...

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Why Is The Church Communalising The Kerala Nun Rape Case? | The Newshour Debate(12th Sept)

Church adds a communal spin to the Kerala nun rape case. 'Anti-Christians are demanding arrest of the Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal. Clergy links ...

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1984 Riots, Sikhs See A Ray Of Hope, Will Justice Be Delivered? | The Newshour Debate (10th January)

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BJP equates herald to Bofors, High Court jolts Rahul Gandhi | The Newshour Debate (21st Dec)

On the debate tonight, The Delhi High Court dismissed a petition filed by AJL challenging the eviction order by the Centre of October 30, 2018. The co...

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National Herald Case Haunts Ghandhis Again : The Newshour Debate (7th Dec 2015)

Watch Arnab Goswami Discussing The Come Back Of National Herald Case With The Panelists Jaivver Shergill and MR Venkatesh. In a debate moderated by T...

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The Newshour Debate: Dera Chief In Castration Controversy - Part 1 (26th Dec 2014)

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Supreme Court protects free speech, Will CM Yogi suspend his cops? | The Newshour Debate (11th June)

On The Newshour Debate with Navika Kumar tonight, The Supreme Court directed immediate release of journalist Prashant Kanojia on bail. He was held for...

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IAF destroys Jaish terror factory, Can Pakistan retaliate? | The Newshour Debate (26th Feb)

On the debate tonight, we will talk about what happened in twenty-one minutes in the pre-dawn hour of 26th February. Today Indian made history by maki...

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Mamata & Chandrababu block CBI, Congress also backs the blockade | The Newshour Debate (16th Nov)

Mamata & Naidu blunt CBI's power. Kick CBI out of Bengal and Andhra. RaGa's Cong also ready to block CBI. Facing scam heat opposition unites. BJP slam...

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Top secret documents accessed, Cong ‘link’ triggered CBI crisis? | The Newshour Debate (22nd Oct)

Top secret documents accessed by TIMES NOW, these documents show that some elements in the Central Bureau of Investigation may have been paid off to p...

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