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  • 7 days ago
Video quality is poor. Some where in Tawang ,Arunanchal predesh China call it South Tibet. Both countries claim the land belong to them. Problem started when India gain freedom in 1947 and Communist china Invaded Tibet in Mid 50's .China reject the border agremment signed between Tibet and British India . accuse India of holding China's terrirtory.

Stand off started when chinese troop crossed Line of control which beijing always denied and lasted for few moment till chinese commader contacted his superior. One Chinese soldier is about to go wild, saying to the officer the Indians robbed a Chinese flag from him, but the Chinese officer finally ask the soldiers to leave. Few chinese soldiers can be seen running towards Indian side but were chased and brought back.
China and India have an agreement that no military actions should be used to deal the issues on disputed lands to avoid unnecassory blood shed and repeatation of the events that led to 1962 India - China war , so force or weapon were restricted from using unless threatened. . Indian army commander made it clear to chinese troop that they can't go any further with out any diplomatic level talk and Intrusion is unacceptable .Both side handled matter with maturity and smile